Music Creator



I have been a songwriter for over 30 years, but for 20 years on a professional level. I have travelled all over the world and collaborated with a range of songwriters, artists, producers, and musical collectives from a variety of cultures across numerous styles and genres.

I have written with or for 3 different international winners from the TV show ‘The X Factor’, and a range of recording artists in the UK and Europe. I have also had billboard success in Japan, composing for J-Pop stars where the lyrics are translated into Japanese. I have been an active part of the songwriting camp scene in Europe since the early 2010s and have attended camps in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Greece, and Latvia.

I have collaborated on both sides of the coast in the USA, and I work with a range of music publishers and sync agents and manage my own catalogue.


It is probably both fair and accurate to say that most people who know me in the music industry, know me as a producer. It is the role that defines me more than any other of my professional roles. I have produced many records over the past two decades and my work varies from small independent artists all the way up to major label charting artists.

A specialist in both Pro Tools and Ableton Live, I am comfortable operating any digital audio workstation (DAW). I’m also comfortable audio engineering in an analogue environment operating hardware and outboard. Music technology evolves at a rapid pace, and I am constantly up to date with of all the latest changes and developments, both as a producer in the studio and a lecturer in music production. I tend to take on production projects that have a cohesive strategy and ones where I can see where and how I would add value. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to consider producing your project.

Sound Designer

I have produced a range of sample packs which have retailed with Native Instruments Sounds, Beatport Sounds, LANDR and Loopmasters. My packs range in electronic styles but focus largely on electronic ear candy and hooks and feature in the recorded works of a wide range of music creators throughout the world. I am also active in recording and creating sampled instruments for use by music producers.